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  • Truth! Justice! Freedom! Reasonably-priced love! A hard boiled egg! And a free pattern

    If you have to ask, you weren't there. The 25th May has become the unofficial Discworld Day/Terry Pratchett Day for Discworld fans around the globe.
  • March Meet The Maker 2019

    #MarchMeetTheMaker is a 31 day Instagram Challenge, set by Joanne Hawker, that runs throughout March every year. But it's more than a challenge, it's a creative community that comes together to show people what they can do. It's about building each other up, making new connections, telling your small business story, growing your confidence and, most importantly, it's about putting yourself out there. -
  • Mile-high Stitching Club - Tips for successful in-flight cross stitching

    Stitching while travelling takes a bit of preparation but I find it the perfect time to catch up on my stitching- what else is there to do while sitting in an airport, on a plane, or in a car (providing you aren't driving of course!!). As I plan my in-flight stitching projects, I thought I'd share my travel stitching tips.

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